Photoshop Restoration & Services for Builders, Interior Designers & Realtors in Greenwich, Stamford & Norwalk, Fairfield County, CT

A proposed third floor added via Photoshop. We provide photo restoration services, photo repair services, photo re-touching services, and all types of Photoshop car modifications. Kindly phone us at 203 724-1006 to learn more.

If you're a Realtor or Real Estate Agent, sometimes a few clouds and a splash of grass can make all the difference.

Sequence through the images in the slideshow immediately below, (swipe or click on arrows). The sequence does not depict a restoration; it is simply a demonstration as to what's possible re. photoshop rendering.

Are you a builder, interior designer or realtor with a photo that would be great only if...? Perhaps it depicts a section of a home or room that wasn't quite finished when the photo was taken, or a lawn that's been neglected. The above issues can be corrected by a Photoshop Professional. Kindly phone us at 203 724-1006 for more info'.

Audi A5 Shot at Stamford Train Station w/iPhone 8 plus

Have a car you'd love to modify but don't yet have the means ($$$) to make it happen? Bring it on and we'll "photo pimp" it!

Audi A5 before modifications

Same photo as above, Photoshopped.

Photoshop Car Pimping: Audi A5 Pimped in Photoshop

Before Photo scanned from 2" x 2" degraded 57 year-old original.

Before Photo in sad shape


Have an old photograph that's "washed out," or is covered with dust and scratches? We can fix it.

After Photo

The SLEEPER short story cover...

Sequence through the images in the slideshow immediately below, (swipe or click on arrows). SLEEPER is a short story which revolves around an old Ford pickup – a gift from a late grandfather – a "sleeper" in the truest sense. (continued below)

The pickup has been tucked away in an underground lab beneath an immense 1800’s stone garage since the grandfather's passing. Amazingly, it starts – but what has “started” doesn’t exist, as this anomaly lives outside the box. I wrote the story for my son eons ago when he was off at summer camp. Click Here to find it on Amazon. If you're reluctant to fork over $0.99, contact me, (no, I won't give your email away or send you any marketing jargon), and I'll get you a copy at no charge.

From many moons ago...

Pimped Mercedes

We serve clients from Connecticut to the west coast. For obvious reasons we cannot post the work we've performed for said clients here. In select cases we may perform the work on a first photo at no charge. Some limitations apply.

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